If you have ever had any kind of spiritual talk with me, at one point I will say the word or phrase “it’s all about perspective.” Cliche, yes; very true, definitely! I am a firm believer that if your perspective about any situation isn’t right, your circumstances will feel all wrong. Yes, I have the word tatted on my body as well.

During my first year of Bible College, I learned so much about who I was serving that I felt inadequate to actually serve the Lord. I felt that I lived in a works-based system all my life, and I viewed God as a man who only loved me if I served Him in the right way. I struggled with addictions and constantly fell back into them, and I lived broken and closed off to everyone who came into contact with me. One day I was reading a book, and a simple statement was made that if our perspective of God is off, we would feel off as well. I decided to start viewing God as a merciful, gracious, savior who loved me despite my sin and still chose to call me righteous even with the addiction I was struggling with.

Going into Second Year, every day was a choice on my perspective of God. I lived in the Adirondacks of NY, and it was awful. Being a florida native in negative temps took not only a physical toll, but a spiritual one as well. I didn’t feel as if I was growing spiritually, my friend group completely dropped me because I had too much baggage, and my home life still sucked even though I was long away from home. Most days I chose to have a negative outlook and awful perspective on God. However, the days that I did choose to set my perspective right and diligently trust and follow Him are the days that I felt the closest to my savior. Even in the midst of severe hatred for what I had been given, God still loved me and chose to use me for His purpose. I didn’t see that until I chose to look through the lens of the gospel.

Like the great Hannah Montana movie quote “Life’s a climb, but the views great;” we need to choose to set our eyes on the view instead of the climb. Life is rough, and unfortunately it will never be perfect, but with the right perspective we no longer wander without cause.


“I used to view God as a dictator who condemned me in my sin, now I see my creator as a loving father who gives me endless grace. My life changed when my perspective did.”


Let it be so.


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