If you have ever had any kind of spiritual talk with me, at one point I will say the word or phrase "it's all about perspective." Cliche, yes; very true, definitely! I am a firm believer that if your perspective about any situation isn't right, your circumstances will feel all wrong. Yes, I have the … Continue reading Perspective


But first, an introduction…

Hello people of the internet! My name is Cheylan, but I go by Chey because it's easier. I am 21 years old and I currently live in Florida. Yes, I live where you vacation; it's great.   I recently ended my 2nd year at Bible College and was left with no direction but a lot … Continue reading But first, an introduction…

Living in the Moment

If you have seen my Instagram lately, you will see pictures of coffee, another country, and me looking into the distance (most likely laughing). I have a confession to make. None of those pictures were taken on a whim, nor sporadically posted. I never thought I had a problem with posting on social media. I … Continue reading Living in the Moment


A Letter to Pornography.

Dear pornography, I miss you. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you, and remember the times we've had together. Life without you is rough. The times people told me I was worthless, you were there. When I was told at school that I would never accomplish anything, you were there. When … Continue reading A Letter to Pornography.